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Anti-Stress/TCM Tuina Massage at De Beaute

For $28 (worth $180)

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2.5 Hour Royal Imperial Yang Sheng Spa Indulgence at De Beaute

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Since its establishment in 2001, De Beaute Face, Skin and Body Spa has been offering a wide variety of facial, skin care, body slimming treatments and health massage services for the sophisticated women of today. And now De Beaute is one of the top ‘Category One’ licensed spas, not just certified under the Singapore Spa Association but we are also under CASETRUST. De Beaute is awarded ‘Asia Pacific Brands Awards 2012’ and recognised as one of the Singapore’s fines local brands.

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Bringing You the Best in Skin Care and Beauty - prices inclusive 7% GST
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $88
A special toner blend with vital plant extracts that refreshes, hydrates and refines skin textures.
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $
This balancing and uplifting cleansing gel is specially formulated to refresh and purify the skin while normalizing sebum level.
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $
This advanced sun block provides a continuous fast absorbing mist that can be sprayed at any angle to cover all skin areas.
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $98
A good SPF factor sunblock light spray that protect your skin against the harmful and premature ageing effects of the sun.
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $108
A premium regeneration cream containing potent snail extracts that hydrates, renews, firms, sooth sunburns, reduce acne scarring and provides essential nutrients for a healthy complexion.
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $118
An essential serum that delivers high volume of oxygen intensifying the penetration of multivitamins to aid skin restoration.
Botanical Effects Toner Formula #3
S $88
Unique formula with O2 Plasma that triggers the formation of collagen and elastin to stimulate healing of impaired tissues.
Mdm. Tiong

I am very happy with my beauty sessions at De Beaute. The therapists are friendly and high skilled in both facial and body treatments.
I love the ambience.

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