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Our Services


Medi-Aesthetics Facial

We have been the leading Premium Beauty, Slimming, and Spa Specialist for over 20 years.

Result-oriented, we believe in achieving immediate and lasting results for our customers to increase our customers' loyalty to our brand. Our all-time-favorite services include Deluxe Cool-Lifting Oxygenating Skin-Lift and Rejuvenation. Customers can instantly feel their skin becoming more supple and oxygenated just after one treatment. The latest Ultra-Max is a non-surgical procedure that lifts the neck, skin, and wrinkles on the face and neck achieving ageless and youthful results.

Medi-Aesthetics Slimming

As our main treatment, slimming was the first concept we launched 20 years ago with our Oxy-Mega station. 

Customers would see instant results after one session. Our latest technology is the Cool-Shaping Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis - a non-invasive technology targeting fat cells. Each treatment is tailored to suit one's body shape and requirements.

Medi-Spa TCM Wellness

Our luxurious Six Star Wellness Spa has been CaseTrust accredited since 2007. Customers have seen significant improvement in their well-being with our holistic treatments. Our merging brings Western Holistic Therapies with TCM Chinese medicine to a new level; There will be traditional Chinese therapies like TCM Tuina, Cupping, Herbal Body, and Foot Acupuncture-Moxibustion, Face- Lift, and Body. This combination will bring a higher level of healing to the mind and body.

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